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tv   Hannity  FOX News  February 1, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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on i am bill o'reilly. the spin stops here because we are definitely looking out for you. >> sean: all smiles in the sunshine state after the former massachusetts governor walked away with a decisive victory and mitt romney had a bold prediction. >> primary contests are not easy and they are not supposed to be. as the primary unfolds our opponents have been watching and they like to comfort themselves that a competitive campaign will leave us divided and weak. i've got news for them. a competitive primary does not
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divide us, it prepares us. >> when we gather back here in tampa for our convention... ours will be united party with a winning ticket for america. >> sean: but romney's biggest rival newt gingrich who came in second place had sharp criticism for the front-runner as well as president obama. >> i think florida is something very important coming on top of south carolina. it is now clear that this will be a two-person race between the conservative leader newt gingrich and the massachusetts moderate. i may not get in as much golf as obama but i'll get in a lot more job creation. [ applause ] >> i'll tell you up front, i'm not going to compete with obama in singing because i'm not
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running for entertainer in chief i'm running for president. >> sean: joining us want williams and scott rasmussen. scott, we'll start with you. juan and i going after something tonight. >> i'm quaking. >> sean: polls are pretty accurate going on. as a result i've never seen a topsy-turvy. gingrich behind in south carolina and week he turns it around and romney wins by double-digits. it's almost unprecedented? >> it is a strange cycle but one constant, the republican primary want somebody who can beat president obama. in south carolina, they thought it was newt gingrich because debate performances. when they moved to florida,
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gingrich didn't do as well and there was lot of advertising to tell why gingrich wasn't so electable. had electability is driving this race. >> sean: here is the problem. you have been on this program again and again telling us the economy needs recovery. it's getting better. michelle obama we made remarkable progress on the economy. we've got $5 trillion in debt, $4.1 trillion deficits in a row a record. cbo comes out with a report. unemployment is going back up to 9%. that is their projection and maybe as high as 10%. they are talking about raising taxes, trillion dollar deficits as far as the eye can see. you cannot make the case with a straight face that this economy has gotten better under this president. you can't make it anymore. >> we've been creating jobs from the last year and a half or more
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sean. it's not up to me, look at the numbers. if you look at the ratings on consumer confidence, consumer confidence has been going up for the last five months. i mean, thomas son and reuters, they grade it and it's going up. if it's heading in a right or wrong direction, it's been going up. people are getting more optimistic about this economy. >> sean: let me give you the cbo report. our credit rating may be downgraded again. we have the misery index is 28-year high. the standard of living for most americans has fallen longer and more steeply over the last three years than any other time than we've been keeping records in five years. we have had the 35th consecutive month of unemployment and worst jobs president.
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he has lost 2 million jobs. chronic unemployment is worse than the great depression. these are facts. you can't make the case that the american people are doing better. >> sean, chicken little, the sky is not falling. >> you guys are arguing about this. we look at the data and day he took office, 35% said their finances are in good sthiap. 27% and it's working its way back. trend is working up but we're barely back to where we started. >> sean: have you read the cbo report. he is saying just the opposite. the cbo is suggesting that unemployment will go higher. taxes will go up 30%. that in spite of all the promises to cut the deficits in half none of it has been
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fulfilled. how do you make the case things are better. >> i'm reporting what voters are saying. confidence is coming back a little bit. it is not good news for the president. it's not any better than it was when he took office. but it was better than it was last summer. >> sean: worst sales records for housing in american history. >> 50% americans think their home is worth less than their mortgage. that is an issue, they are not given enough credit. >> 23 million americans are unfloyd 47 million are in poverty. gdp is the highest since world war ii and budget deficit the highest percentage since world war ii. help me out juan. >> i'm trying to saying
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everything is just beautiful. everybody knows the country has been going through tough times and let's have real ideas and real solutions. if you want to say hey, its dark hole and i don't see a light, we're looking for any evidence or any hope. americans believe in ourselves and we believe in america. you go on like this, i think you go on like this because you are so strongly anti-obama. >> sean: no. i'm against american failure and need yok okay krit. he said three years if he didn't fix this economy this was a one term proposition. it's time to hold him accountable and guys like you, you supported him. the day he was elected. tell me what he is doing for the unemployed. what did we get for $5 trillion?
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>> here is the thing, i lot people think he has been trying. a lot of people would agree with you it hasn't been altogether successful. do i point back to president bush. do i point out most of those -- i'm not blaming. americans just want to be realistic. let's try and make something happen and give me an idea. >> talking about realistic. one of the problems we envy this country we are getting bad information from our government sources. sean mentioned it was going to be $1.1 trillion deficit this year. in my book i point out that is under counting, it's going to be $4 trillion. government doesn't count for unfunded liability. we have to be straight with the voters. it's an uglier pictures and it's
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a republican and democratic mess that has been created. >> they've been doing that all along. >> sean: it's time for this president, put his pants on, sit at the table and solve the problems. no problem to save medicare or social security. >> we don't like the affordable health care act. >> sean: repeal it and save us money. >> but he is trying to get something done. >> sean: trying and trying. he said he would fix it and americans are suffering needlessly because he doesn't understand simple basic economics. >> sean: you are so filled with criticism of president obama. i have yet to hear one good idea
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thousand lower the taxes on rich do away with regulations on big corporations, people know it's failed policy. >> sean: revenues to the government.... >> is ronald reagan on the republican ticket? >> sean: we'll get somebody that is infinitely better than obama. >> that is what is the fact. >> sean: i say mr. president you failed. you get what you asked for. turn it around or he failed. one term proposition. >> i hope not. i hope somebody who has some real ideas, real success, real belief in american optimism. i love you, i like talking to you all the time. listen to scott. i like his new book.
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>> sean: read his book. i'm getting high blood pressure. >> voters like to balance the budget in the book. >> sean: when we come up, get this, who is bank rolling hope and change this time around. let me give you full hints -- hollywood elite and people that donated and got back big kickbacks from solyndra. >> and we'll tomorrow night we'll be in vegas where you'll hear from the presidential candidates. you won't want to listen it tomorrow from vegas on the strip and preview of saturday night's caucus. [ kyle ] my bad. [ roger ] tell me you have good insurance. yup, i've got... [ kyle with voice of dennis ] really? i was afraid you'd have some cut-rate policy. [ kyle ] nope, i've got...
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>> sean: last man standing in the republican presidential field, that person will have to overcome what is expected to be an obama reelection effort that is fueled by a one billion dollar money chest. among the so-called big bungalers are now disgraced. jon corzine was overseeing ms global and on the list two
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fund-raiserers that is now back to the solar company called solyndra and hollywood's finest are doing their part. including go too expert on immigration reform policy that would be eva longoria. joining me sandra smith from the fox business network and co-host of the five. she deals with beckel five days a week. [ laughter ] >> all right. first of all, solyndra. mf global. it seems to me it's going to be big campaign issue? >> it's definitely a trend. those that were contributing to obama before are now contributing more, sean, it was pay to play. guess what? you are going to hear on mainstream media, governor corzine, probably a hoboken
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resident. we're going to see them say, oh, their funds were returned. $70,000 him and wife contributed. he contributed $500,000. that is not going back. >> but it's play to play. big bunglers. they got in the white house and then they went bankrupt. >> goodrich people in the obama people and average people. demonizes the rich people but don't support him. but if you give him money. >> sean: you are a goodrich person. >> and what are you doing is so hypocritical but creating two classes. class warfare but making a class of the politically connected.
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>> sean: that get richer with taxpayer money at a time when people's homes are being foreclosed. look at the numbers, misery index is at a 28-year high. go back to the carter years, we had the worst housing year on record. cbo report, taxes going up 30%. four years consecutive. one trillion plus dollars. >> but the president push clean energy. i wonder why. every bun ghrer, how about tom conohan who received a lot of subsidies. he's got a wind farm. >> kennedy. >> you put windmills on nantucket sound. >> biggest red flag there. why is the green energy guys and why are they contributing.
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>> it's not even that. and favoring them over taxpayers and he gets them green energy deals. he gave preferential treatment george kaiser above the bankruptcy courts. >> sean: this is important. they made an extra exemption. if they go bankrupt we get paid less. his millionaire friends that got millions and billions total in dollars because they donated. they get their money back first. this is good thing because he is going to have to eat it again and again and again. >> voters see it and mainstream media reports it. >> sean:ly remind voters until i am hoarse, and i will remind.
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>> but you are not on the republican battle for president. >> you should be. but you need to be a nominee. >> sean: listen, i'm angry at my fox colleagues because they have been showing me the first time. it's embarrassing. >> you have better hair than o'reilly. >> sean: factor admits you are in trouble. other thing people that tell me wear a wig. it's getting grayer and grayer and grayer. [ laughter ] >> why is it getting grayer. >> because of obama and bob beckel. >> sean: what do you mean poor beckel? >> we are very good friends.
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>> one of my best friends. >> sean: biggest cable hit was your show. >> and my psychiatrist if i see him regularly i can deal with beckel better. >> sean: there you go. rich millionaires that have access to obama also. they get green energy money that we have to pay for. gd to see you. religious freedom under attack thanks to an obamacare mandate and catholic church and they are sounding off. we'll check in with michelle malkin. she reveals who she is supporting. and hannity comes to you live from vegas where i will be joined by presidential candidates, romney, gingrich and santorum, all the preview of the
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>> sean: controversial new health care law that could cost our campaigner in chief the job in november.
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they are fired over the obamacare rules that force catholic schools and hospitals to provide insurance for their employees and that is covering contraceptions and other medical procedures that violate church teachings. and they say, quote, an appropriate balance between faith and pharmaceuticals. sarah palin points out in a brand-new facebook posting if this is how the anointed one is repaying the catholic university of notre dame for sponsoring his 2009 honorary degree and commencement address, then the faithful have been made to look like fools. joining me is now the author of "culture of corruption," michelle malkin. how are you? >> good, you'll have to get a comment of my next book.
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>> sean: i want to ask you a question, but this is really important. whatever happened to the free exercise thereof -- the government demands will insist that the catholic church, catholic institutions literally do something and provide something that contradicts their deeply held religious beliefs. they ask for an exemption. they do it for one year and what does it mean for the election and in general? >> this is an unprecedented and unwarranted intrusion on religious liberty. you have the gall of this white house to be pitching a homeowner's bill of rights. that is what their latest candy is for the campaign trail. i think a lot of us who have been following this war on religious liberties wish this president would simply follow the original bill of rights and
9:28 pm
first amendment rights of these religious health care providers. even among the catholic community alone, more than a million that work in catholic health care services who are being affected by this. do not for one minute believe all these dinosaur feminists who are casting this as some compassionate government program that is going to provide free quote, unquote, or cheap access to contraceptives. a nonprofit group that inventory go many of employers and schools that are being discriminated against by obama administration, this isn't about access to anything. this is about forcing an abortion mandate down the throat of religious people whose conscience is being violated and church teachings is being steam
9:29 pm
rolled by this administration. this is a long war and it's been on day one of the obama administration. >> sean: they will force, people that are catholic, these catholic institutions, they will force them to provide contraception which violates their religious faith and the morning-after pill, violation of their religious faith. they will force them to provide it or what? risk jail? they face a fine? who knows eventually this goes if had is allowed to be the law of the land if this is enforced on them? >> that's right. as i point out in my column as i pointed out in the past when they were lodging this war in coordination with the likes of the american civil liberties union a lot of other liberal feminist groups, this is not just an issue that affects catholics.
9:30 pm
that is why you are seeing protestants and jewish groups and people of all faith understanding that everybody is under threat. it has to be said there are many liberal catholic bishops that didn't see it coming that should have and they were vocal proponents a couple years ago of obama proposal. that the promises of this administration were empty. well, i guess better late than never. >> sean: i agree. you are not read this well and i know people you were doing the same thing. it was interesting when you were on the program last week, we had an interesting discussion and some people interpreted that we were fighting somehow. we weren't disagreeing a little bit but since that time, you have come out you said you were rick santorum. i thought you wrote a good
9:31 pm
column in defense of rick. why did you settle on him? >> i don't feel i am settling. >> sean: didn't mean it that way. >> this is a very strong and viable candidate in the g.o.p. field who represents and who can put together i think a very coalition. he certainly is doing it here in colorado. i saw him earlier today. he is bringing out social conservative and strong national defense and border security conservatives who are endorsing him and who understand it's not just the g.o.p. establishment that has objections to both mitt romney and newt gingrich. in fact, there are hundreds of thousands if not millions of grassroots tea partiers who has a lot of reservations about the moral and ideological baggage of
9:32 pm
romney and newt. i think that is what santorum has done really well. he has stuck to the issues. environment he has never dabbled in the eco radical ideas that both mitt and newt have gone to. >> sean: this is an important question. because he won iowa. he lost new hampshire, south carolina and florida. the nevada caucus is on saturday. february is wide open. does he need to win another race or have really good showings to prove or make the point he was making last night that she should be, quote the conservative alternative if you believe the non-romney narrative? >> he had a s running a grassroots campaign here. he was able to raise $4 million since january. i think he will in colorado. the poll numbers and turnout and results in missouri, ohio and colorado look good for him.
9:33 pm
he says he is in it to stay. i think he has a lot of momentum a lot of people realizing, as i said before and last week on another fox show, they have an alternative. people do not have to accept that mitt and newt is it. >> sean: michelle, good to see you. >> we have a lot of fun going back and forth. hope you join the discussion. coming up, breaking down the liberal media how they distort the news. media mash is coming up next. great, great american panel and preview show from with mitt romney and rick santorum and newt gingrich tomorrow night. hope you join us. ♪
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>> sean: welcome 'back to
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hannity. time for media mash. members of the liberal obama mainstream media try to spin on the news. joining us president of media research center. never a shortage of material? >> not at all. how are you doing. >> sean: i used to vacation in the florida panhandle. i lived in atlanta. we had two weekends and i would go down and orange beach and beautiful area, absolutely beautiful. if you work for politico and you are on nbc news and have cable network it's fine to call those counties cracker counties. watch this. >> north florida is going to be fascinating to watch tonight, it will give us a sense what is ahead in march. the primary does move to deep south states. as you know, can chuck, a lot of
9:39 pm
those counties in north florida, cracker counties, if you will, more resemble georgia and alabama. >> sean: those people in georgia and alabama. they are all crackers. that is news? now i know we go over this double standard thing, you got to be kidding me. >> it's remarkable it comes from in this network. cracker came into volunteering in the 1960s. it was the whites that were in favor for bigotry. that is what a cracker was. the reality, he agrees with jonathan martin on msnbc. this the same network that also last week took newt gingrich to task with al sharpton meeting smelling salts because he called barack obama the entertainer in chief because he sang that song.
9:40 pm
you know there are racial illusions there. you can say cracker and it's okay. >> sean: they were upset with entertainer in chief? >> it has racial illusion. don't you use that phrase again ever. >> sean: excuse me. all these people in panhandle. i lived in alabama. i lived in georgia. >> i'm sure, sean they all watch msnbc too. >> sean: that is pretty outrageous. there is new narrative put out by the white house. whatever there is a narrative. they can count on nbc to advance it. it's not obama the food stamp president. no, if the dog bites. if you are feeling sad it's all whose fault. george w. bush's fault. >> let me ask you another
9:41 pm
question, we spoke about last time. gingrich called him the food stamp president and increased food stamps 41%. i know that you know that actually bigger increase was under president bush, right? this was under president obama. but it went up 65% under president bush. so explain to me food stamp president strategy but percentage, no one called president bush the food stamp president. >> sean: do they get the talking points from the white house? explain the white house's line. they take the verbiage and take the phrases and that is what they say? >> i know that you know, let me tell you something, that soedad knows she was cooking the books. it's important to people understand there is agree to the people on the left is cooking the books.
9:42 pm
she compared three years of obama to eight years of george bush. >> sean: wait a minute. that is not fair. 80 years and four and a half years or eight years and four and a half years. >> under george bush, food stamps went up 8% and under obama 14%. george bush, it was 32% and today it's 48%. those are the facts. soledad wants to argue them, she can do it all day long but stop cooking the books. >> sean: all what they called left, george bush, he killed women and children in cold blood in iraq and afghanistan, killing civilians, all these things. that wasn't about, lack of civility is always from republicans. republicans want dirty air and
9:43 pm
water, they wanted kids with autism but the biggest problem is poor governor brewer. she dared to wave a finger. >> another sign of the growing incivility politics in a campaign. i can never recall stemming off air force one which a symbol of american democracy and being subjected to such rudeness. >> and finger pointing. photo everybody was taking talking about, whoever you seen talking to the president like this. >> sean: it's okay president to say republicans wants dirty air and water and children with autism, that is fine. the finger pointing crosses the
9:44 pm
line. >> who said that, brian williams did it to george bush. don't we remember in 2008 when the journalist threw the shoe at george bush how the media couldn't withhold their glee that was done to george bush. i love the fact the governor of arizona put her finger in the president's face and we're going to uphold the laws, federal laws in this state. i love the fact she did that. >> sean: he went after her. media story and narrative. good bless you and that is why we're here at fox. and great, great, great american panel is next. [ ma annncer ] wouldn't it be cool
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>> sean: tonight on our great, great american panel. he has worked with new york
9:49 pm
senate, chuck schumer. republican strategist. angela mcgowen and former chairman to rnc and former secretary, of foreign affairs, jim nicholson. what do you think of the cracker county remark? >> it illustrates again this equal treatment. >> sean: double standard. call the president entertainer in chief and you are being racist. >> sean: do you find something with entertainer in chief? >> bill clinton played the saxophone. they should stick to their day job. >> sean: i thought was a compliment. >> it bodes well for any party to start calling any name. >> name calling is not fun in
9:50 pm
politics and kneechbs your message and you need to talk about the facts. >> sean: here are the facts. when the president said that republican want dirty air and dirty water. when the president of the united states, republicans want kids with down's syndrome, autism and the elderly to defend themselves and then complains that the romney smear machine may be coming after them -- wait a minute. is that proper for the president of the united states to lie like that? >> he did not say that. >> he said that. >> that is not what he said. >> he said that there are changes, not necessarily we need to settle for dirty and air and dirty water. >> dirty air and dirty water. >> when you have the leader of the free world and stand up, that is what republicans want are it's not just the president, it's the whole democratic tactic. what they do they accuse you of
9:51 pm
what they're doing. >> they are very good at it. >> democrats are proper regulations so we don't have dirty air. >> sean: do you think any republican wants dirty air or water? do you think, so the president purposely misrepresented so he can distort cheap political points. >> i've been to the buffalo, new york and towns on out there and there is a lot of dirty air and dirt if i water. >> but using this a political game. >> this is policy. >> this is not a name calling exercise. >> sean: one other thing, when paul ryan points out the obvious that the president didn't have the courage to address and lead in the state of the union, about medicaid and medicare that is
9:52 pm
going bankrupt. doesn't mention it, right? and paul ryan comes up with a plan and what do the democrats do? they get old look alike and take an old lady in a wheelchair and throw her over the cliff. >> if you really cared about the deficit. >> they are saying paul ryan.... >> he should have voted fom for them. it was one vote away from being passed. go ahead. >> you are saying that paul ryan does not care about old people. >> throwing over granny a cliff. does that cross a line? negative ads in this world. >> and you are okay with that? >> the negative ads like that. >> i.
9:53 pm
[ talking over each other ] >> you think paul ryan wants granny thrown over a cliff in a wheelchair? >> this plan, says when my grandmother, we give you a coupon, when it runs out you are on your own. what does that mean? >> this is it you are going to defend it. >> no you are going to win. >> no you are not. >> sean: we'll continue [ male announcer ] you are a business pro. lord of the carry-on. sovereign of the security line. you never take an upgrade for granted. and you rent from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle. and go. you can even take a full-size or above. and still pay th mid-size price. i deserve this. [ male announcer ] you do, business pro. you do. go national. go like a pro.
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>> sean: we continue with our great american panel. congressman west says, take their ideas and get the hell out of america, quote, unquote,. their ideas, all of a sudden. in this moral outrage, all of a sudden you fellow dems are all upset. take these socialistic ideas and ideas of trillion dollars debts and european socialism why is everybody offended by that? >> it shows the frustration of this guy, 24-year veteran of the united states army, combat and leader and hero. >> sean: that is a great line. >> who is a patriot and reaching
9:58 pm
out. >> i'm the not going to say anything bad about his record in military but record as a congressman for the last year and a half has been horrible. >> sean: come on. >> he is a crybaby. >> he is right because this black man apparently steps out of line by saying the things he said. it does not give him the right he doesn't, doesn't give him the right to say what he did. >> sean: you know who the best crybaby in washington is, obama. obama. you want to know why. he blames... all right. i'll give you a little ground there. but obama blames the tsunami and blames the earthquake and everything is responsible. president bush, talk radio, fox, karl rove, rush limbaugh.
9:59 pm
>> listen. at the end of the day we will see how the people are feeling in november. >> he is a one term proposition. >> things are starting to look up.more people bought cars in january and there has been who are housing. >> you have 2.8 million in new york on stood stamps. >> sean: i thought he fixed it. >> 700,000 have come on the rolls since obama. >> it's getting better all the time. >> sean: they said chronic unemployment will go back up. 30% increase in taxes, no dramatic change in the economy, as far as the eye can see, four consecutive years of trillion dollar plus debt. >> jobs. >> he inherited it. >> with net loss of jobs. >> you are counting jobs lost. >> sean: i


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